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Charmax LS
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Charmax® LS
PAG offers a broad line of smoke suppressants to meet your needs. Charmax LS smoke suppressants range from traditional materials such as Zinc Borate and AOM to custom complexes designed to meet the most stringent requirements at the lowest cost.
Please contact us to help you choose the best suited LS product for your application.
ZHSZinc HydroxystannateFlexible PVC, Effective SS and Antimony Replacement
ZSTZinc StannateHigh Temp Nylon, PVC , Polyolefins
ZB-200Performance Zinc BorateImproved Smoke Performance vs. Standard ZB
ZB-400Standard Zinc BorateFlexible PVC, Coatings, Epoxy
ZB-400 LiteFine Particle Size Zinc BorateFlexible PVC
ZB-400 HTAnhydrous Zinc BorateHigh Temp Nylon, Engineering Resins
MOMolybdic OxideFlexible PVC, PVC/NBR, Effective Smoke Suppressant
AOMAmmonium OctamolybdateFlexible PVC, Plenum Cable, Effective Smoke Suppressant
MOMMelamine OctamolybdatePolyolefins, PVC, Epoxy, Effective Smoke Suppressant
1000Mo/Zn ComplexRigid PVC Sheets, Plenum Cable
2000Mo/Zn ComplexFlexible PVC, Plenum Cable
3000Mo/Zn ComplexFlexible PVC, Plenum Cable
4400Zn/Mg ComplexRigid PVC Sheets and Profiles
4411Zn/Mg/Sb ComplexRigid PVC, Good Balance of FR/SS Properties
250-TMo/Mg ComplexFlexible PVC, Plenum Cable, Zinc Free
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