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Charmax FS
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Charmax® FS
Charmax FS products are non-toxic nano flame retardant/smoke suppressant coatings reacted onto the surface of various substrates including hydrated flame retardants such as ATH or Magnesium Hydroxide. This unique technology results in improved FR and SS performance due to the coatings high surface area and synergism with the substrate. Current coating systems are based on molybdenum, zinc and tin chemistries.
Please contact us to help you choose the best suited FS product for your application.
ZHSA-10Zinc Hydroxstannate on ATHNano ZHS Coating, PVC
ZHSM-10Zinc Hydroxstannate on Mg(OH)2Nano ZHS Coating, PVC, Polyolefins
ZMTZinc Molybdate Complex on TalcNano Zn/Mo, PVC, High Temperature Resin Systems
ZMMZinc Molybdate Complex on Mg(OH)2Nano Zn/Mo, Polyolefins
BZMABasic Zinc Molybdate Complex on Mg(OH)2Nano Zn/Mo, PVC , Polyolefins
CMM-10Calcium Molybdate on Mg(OH)2Nano Ca/Mo, PVC, Improved Heat Stability, Zinc Free
CMA-10Calciium Molybdate on ATHNano Ca/Mo, PVC, Polyolefins, Zinc Free
3300Proprietary Zinc/Molybdenum Complex1:1 AOM Replacement in PVC
3400Proprietary Zinc/Molybdenum Complex1:1 MOM Replcaement in Polyolefins
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