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flame retardants &
smoke suppressants
  non halogen solutions   low smoke flame retardants   char formers   FR plasticizers  
  thermoplastics   thermosets   coated fabrics   high temp nylon  wire & cable  adhesives  coatings  

Polymer Additives Group is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of flame retardants and smoke suppressants. We offer an extensive line of traditional flame retardants as well as cutting-edge technologies that meet the industry’s evolving regulatory and performance demands. Polymer Additives Group partners with customers to provide effective solutions and expert technical service – value added service unsurpassed in the industry.

Polymer Additives Group offers a large product line that includes Molybdenum, Zinc, Tin and Magnesium based smoke suppressants, Brominated, Phosphorus, Melamine and Antimony based flame retardants, Aluminum and Magnesium based hydrated fillers, Antimony Oxide alternatives and low cost AOM alternatives. 


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